What does 0-16 mean for The Cleveland Browns?

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The parade, the bags over the heads, the tears- all of these are very real situations in Cleveland right now. The Cleveland Browns are standing on the precipice of a 0-16 season with only one game left to play in the 2017 battlefield that was our season. The Browns will travel to Pittsburgh on New Year’s Eve to take on the Steelers who will be playing their starting lineup. Some things are not looking so good for Browns fans.

What does this truly mean for the organization, the fans and the city? Changes are the first order of business. How can The Haslam’s and new GM John Dorsey keep a coach who has gone 1-31? It isn’t realistic and something that is a strong and real possibility. The rumblings out of Cincinnati are that after the head coach of the Bengals, Marvin Lewis exits Hue Jackson will migrate towards Southern Ohio to head up the Bengals. Makes sense. He knows the organization, the love is still there from the Brown family and this is where Jackson had called home for a number of years

The quarterback search is still real and ever-present. Quarterback, Deshone Kizer has failed to improve over the season and is still fighting the turnover nightmare. Kizer leads the league with 21 interceptions. He has had nine touchdowns for 2580 yards with a quarterback rating of 58. So, with that being said who is on the radar in Cleveland? Josh Rosen from UCLA said “I’d rather be a lower pick at the right team than a higher [pick] at the wrong team,” via Akron Beacon Journal. This seems to support the leaked information that Rosen wasn’t willing to come to Cleveland. Similar whisperings were heard earlier in the year regarding Sam Darnold who is heralded to be a top prospect. So, with that being said insert John Dorsey and the revelation he has watched Oklahoma quarterback, Baker Mayfield six or more times. “He played big-time football,” Dorsey said of Kizer. “He had the physical skill set you could see could transfer into the National Football League. Now the one thing people don’t realize how young he is (21). He was very young coming into the draft process. [But] he had a degree of maturity about his person that a normal 20, 21-year old person did not have.” Via profootballtalk.com
Mayfield is looking like a real and feasible prospect. To play and not only survive in Cleveland but to THRIVE you must have grit, determination and a chip on your shoulder. All are attributes Mayfield possess that could serve him well in The Land.

Any fan who has devoted their heart and soul in this team knows the 0-16 parade is a slap in the face of all those who have taught us, shared the love of the game and passed on generational pride and love of their team. Our Christmas miracle was denied but let’s hope our New Year’s Eve spark can carry us to a victory

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