3 Reasons why Jim Harbaugh may not be an Unrealistic Option for the Colts

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As the 2017 season is coming to a close for the Indianapolis Colts, there is little to no doubt that the head coach Chuck Pagano’s time with the team is nearing an end. There have already been many names thrown around as to a replacement to Pagano, one of those names being Michigan Wolverines coach Jim Harbaugh.

Despite numerous reports denying any thoughts of Harbaugh leaving Michigan, here are three reasons why the Colts may be an exception.

1. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck is a huge selling point for any head coaching candidate, but Harbaugh has a history of coaching Luck in their days at Stanford. In 2010, Luck’s sophomore season, the Cardinals posted an eleven-win season, that ended up being the winningest season in Stanford history. Being an offensive-minded coach, Luck could be enough to tempt Harbaugh with or with out their prior history.

2. His playing days in Indianapolis

Any Colts fan will remember that Harbaugh suited up for the Indianapolis Colts back in his playing days. Harbaugh spent four seasons in Indianapolis and even led the team to an AFC Championship appearance in 1995. When Harbaugh signed with Michigan in 2014, his main draw was a homecoming of sorts, could the Colts use the same selling point?

3. His desire to win championships

Since becoming a coach Harbaugh has always produced wins and is always in the mix for championships. At Michigan, however, a championship seems to be getting further away. With the Big Ten conference always improving and the way the BCS system is set up, the odds are not in your favor to compete for a national title let alone win one. If Harbaugh were to come to Indianapolis he would be entering a competitive AFC South, where every year there would be a shot at the playoffs.

Will Harbaugh leave Michigan? There’s no telling, but one thing is for sure–there will be multiple NFL teams knocking on his door. However, it is way to early to rule out the idea of Harbaugh at least listening to what the Colts would have to say.

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