Austin Boucher: How is This Kid Under the Radar?

Welcome to Blue HQ Media’s “Recruiting Trail” series where we will be bringing you the latest on the top prospects for your team. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we take a look at today’s prospect, Austin Boucher.

Boucher is a curious case indeed. At one point he was mentioned in the same conversation as Romeo Langford, now he seems to have disappeared from the Fort Wayne area all-together. But what really happened to the talented young guard?

During his freshmen year, Boucher attended South Side High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. While Boucher appeared to have impressive talent, something behind the scenes was brewing. According to his parents, Boucher almost immediately began receiving negative attention from his peers and their parents in the form of dirty glances or offensive one-liners.

As the abuse progressed, the Bouchers began to worry about safety and looked at their opportunities. North Side seemed to be the right choice and a transfer was submitted. Unfortunately, the decision was made that he would not be eligible to play varsity basketball his junior season. The IHSAA backed the ruling, forcing the family to make a choice. Either play junior varsity for a season or look to prep schools.

The Bouchers chose St. James Prep School in Hagerstown, Maryland where he will look to fuel his recruitment. Currently, Ball State has offered the under-the-radar gem a scholarship with other local programs like Butler expressing interest. Boucher would provide something special that potentially hasn’t been present at Ball State since Bonzi Wells was a Cardinal. As a Bulldog, he could be Hayward-esque.

In recent news it does appear as though Boucher will head back to North Side to play varsity basketball his senior season. It’s welcomed news to have such a talented player back in the area.

Boucher is a scoring machine, averaging just a hair short of 25 points per game his sophomore season. Standing at 6’2″, he uses his quickness to penetrate defenses and a smooth jumper to attack from range. Not just a shooter, Boucher can share the ball as well, averaging 4.5 assists.

All-in-all this is one name to watch moving forward. Austin Boucher is a special talent.

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