Butler’s offense thrives against Utah

Photo credit: Jimmy Lafakis

The Bulldog offense showed up Tuesday night, as they won 81-69 against Utah. Kelan Martin had his best game of the season, scoring 29 points and grabbing 11 rebounds, and shot 7-9 in the second half. Martin also moved up to 15th in all time scoring at Butler. Tyler Wideman scored 18 points, Paul Jorgenson had 16 points, and Kamar Baldwin had 11 points. Aaron Thompson also added seven points.

Early in the second half, the score was tied. A 14-0 run sealed the game for the Bulldogs, who kept the lead for the rest of the game. Butler’s defense also played well and was very stingy. Over the last nine minutes of the first half, they held Utah to 3 of 9 shooting, and held the Utes to 4 of 17 on layups and 42% shooting. Jorgenson has also been important to the Bulldogs, especially with the Sean McDermott injury. Jorgenson has filled in on the missed three point shooting McDermott provided.

Overall, the Bulldogs have improved this season, but still have a long way to go to make the tournament. The Bulldogs offense is still very streaky, and is still working on being more consistent throughout the game. It looks like Kelan Martin has found his offensive game, especially his three point shot. Kamar Baldwin still seems to be in a slump, but has shown some improvement in each game.

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