Can the Titans Break the Curse?

Courtesy of Music City Miracles

The Tennessee Oilers held the 16th pick in the first round of the 1998 NFL draft. In need of a playmaker, Jeff Fisher and the front office put their collective heads together, and selected Kevin Dyson from the University of Utah. More important, though, wasn’t who they selected, but who they passed up. It has haunted the organization ever since. His name: Randy Moss.

Moss was the much more explosive option, but his lack of competition playing for Marshall in the Mid-American conference, and the obvious off-the-field concerns left many teams wary. Moss would be selected five picks later by the Minnesota Vikings. In his rookie campaign, Moss tallied 69 receptions for 1313 yards, while also racking up a whopping 17 touchdowns. While Dyson is known for arguably the most famous touchdown in the organization’s history, the “Music City Miracle”, he never had a 1000 yard season, and his career only lasted eight years, five of those with the Titans and two of the remaining three on a practice-squad.

The Titans have spent the last ten years trying to break the curse of passing on Randy Moss, but they have had little success in doing so. From Tyrone Calico, to Dorial Green-Beckham, the Titans have selected several receivers early, but none have panned out the way they had hoped. The Titans would get their man, in a sense, years later when they decided to sign Moss in 2010. Their attempt to crack the curse was a major failure as Moss finished with a meager six catches for 80 yards. He was also left without a touchdown.

As we enter the 2017 season, the Titans have recently taken a chance on Corey Davis, a productive and small school wideout, one they feel resembles a young Randy Moss. Davis had an amazing career at Western Michigan and turned many heads over the past year. The Titans are hoping they’ve finally found the one. Will Davis be the next Randy Moss or will he be yet another bust in a long line of pedestrian wideouts drafted by the organization? Only time will tell, and Davis could very well be the source of ending the curse for the Titans organization.

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Doug Thiesfeld

Nice article! And I certainly hope he breaks the near 20 year old curse! I would love to write for the Titans! I have been a fan since 1997! I bleed football! Especially Titans football!