The Case for Trading Nick Foles

Nick Foles had himself quite a day Sunday. (USATSI)

The Philadelphia Eagles finally did it! They won Super Bowl LII and as a Philadelphia fan, I couldn’t be more pleased. Nick Foles will always have a special place in the heart of every Philly fan and is truly a Philly legend. However, if the Eagles want to build a team capable of winning multiple championships, they have to keep running the team like a business. GM Howie Roseman has to continue to make smart business decisions, and trading the Super Bowl MVP now, when his value is never higher, is a smart business decision if he gets the right price.

I am not saying the Eagles should give Foles away. I would demand at least a 2nd round pick for him, and perhaps another late round pick. If someone offered worse than a 2nd round pick, I would just let him play out the contract because I wouldn’t want to just give him away for nothing. However, if they get a good offer, they have to take it because that is how you build a perennial powerhouse, by making smart football decisions.

Here are the reasons the Eagles should trade Foles:

Foles only has one year left on his contract

If the Eagles keep Foles next year, he counts for roughly 7 million against the cap. They will likely lose him to free agency after that and get nothing for him. I would consider offering him an extension now at well below market (3-4 million a year with incentives to get higher, but a backup QB contract). My guess is he would reject it, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

He might not play at all next season

If Wentz is healthy week 1 and does not suffer an injury, Foles may never see the field in 2018. So why would the Eagles give up the chance to get a 1st or 2nd round pick for a guy who might not even set foot on the field?

Salary cap issues

The Eagles could save 7 million off the cap. They are currently about 9 million over the cap for next year. They could use those savings along with some other moves to re-sign LB Nigel Bradham or to address other needs in free agency. 7 million is a high price tag for a backup and I believe they could find a much cheaper alternative.

Development of Nate Sudfeld

The Eagles are high on Sudfeld and with a full offseason to get reps and learn, he could develop into a solid backup for Wentz at a fraction of the cost. So you could end up with a quality back, plus a draft pick or two for Foles.

Lack of draft picks

The Eagles lost their 2nd round pick in the Wentz trade and their 3rd round pick to get Darby. The moves worked and the Eagles won the Super Bowl so I am not complaining but only pointing out that they could use the draft equity. Rookie contracts are cheap and cap friendly and the Eagles could use to add picks in this year’s draft and in the future. If they can get a 2nd round pick for Foles, it will help them maintain their impressive roster and repeat as champions.

In closing, I believe the Eagles should definitely listen to offers on Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles and if they get a good offer, they should jump on it. The alternative is most likely losing him to free agency after next season. Unless he is willing to take a deal way below market value, the Eagles will not be able to afford to keep him, so why not move him now while they can get good value for him? I know the fans want to keep him out of loyalty, but we saw how that worked out with the 2008 Phillies.

Rewarding players who help you win a title by extending them when you shouldn’t leads to winning once and then going downhill. If the Eagles want to continue to build towards being a dynasty, they have to make smart football business decisions. Trading Nick Foles for the right offer, while it is a hard thing to do, is a smart business decision.

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