Cavaliers Find Themselves in a Peculiar Position

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In the midst of a downward spiral, Cavaliers’ general manager Koby Altman has found himself in a tough spot. With a below .500 record in the 2018 calendar year and an overwhelming feeling of being further away from another championship for Cleveland, Altman must make the difficult decision of fighting to turn things around this year or preparing for a rebuild in the near future.

This is a decision that will all be determined by what he feels LeBron James will do at the end of the season.

James is signed through the 2019 season, but thanks to the player’s option in his contract he can opt out to become a free-agent at the end of this season. With the direction that the Cavaliers are heading as well as the well-documented discord between LeBron and the front office, many believe he will opt for the latter.


Altman has to decide what to do fast as we are just a couple days away from the NBA trade deadline on Feb. 8. While there are plenty of trade targets that make sense for Cleveland, Altman must decide what he would be willing to include in any trades.

The most attractive trade bait that the Cavaliers hold is the 2018 Brooklyn Nets pick that was acquired as part of the Kyrie Irving trade. Brooklyn is among the bottom of the league and that pick will more than likely become a top 10 pick. While this would make many teams salivate at the idea of making a trade with Cleveland it will be an important part of rebuilding if LeBron does indeed leave after this season.

Let’s say that owner Dan Gilbert was indeed ready to move on from LeBron James, as reports are suggesting, there would be no possible way to trade LeBron. Also in LeBron’s contract is a no-trade-clause that LeBron would not be willing to lift.

So as you can see Altman is in was some would call a “Catch 22.”

At the end of the day, it’s just an all-around bad situation for Altman and the Cavs to be in.

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