With all the negativity in Colts nation so far in the young offseason, we at Blue HQ Media decided it was time to sit down with one of our favorite players and lighten the mood along with trying to uncover the perspective in the locker room. Chester Rogers, an UDFA rookie receiver was a primary return man for the team this year and began to blossom in the receiving game as the season progressed. Rogers finished the season with 19 receptions for 273 yards and 119 yards on 13 kick returns. Below is our exclusive interview with the young receiver.

BHQM- What was it like when the Colts originally called to sign you?

Rogers- It was a dream come true the day it happened. I knew all I needed was a chance and I was going to make it happen.

BHQM- What have you learned from the veteran wide receivers on the squad and what are some things that you are looking to improve on going into 2017.

Rogers- I’ve learned the game at a higher level, how to get open, how to read coverages, study your opponent, etc. Going into 2017, I just want to build off of where I ended the season, becoming a complete receiver and punt returner, getting stronger, faster, smarter. I have so much room for improvement.

BHQM- A recent report said several players stated they were not coached hard enough this year. What are your thoughts on this?

Rogers- I can’t speak on others and how they were coached. But me personally, I was the rook so I feel I was pushed hard and expectations are very high, I love every bit of it because it’s only making me better.

BHQM- What went wrong this season and how can it be fixed?

Rogers- [We] Came up short too many times. We just have to be consistent and finish. We have a lot of talent and guys that want to win. It will be fixed!

BHQM- Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Rogers- In 5 years I see myself in the same conversations as the other great receivers in this league, competing for Super Bowls.

BHQM- Out of all your teammates, which one can hold their beer the best?

Rogers- I would bet my money on Pat McAfee. Lol

BHQM- What was it like playing with Robert Mathis in his last game?

Rogers- It was amazing to be able to be apart of Rob’s last season and last game. He is a future Hall of Famer and the epitome of a Colt.

BHQM- What player or coach has had the biggest impact on not only your career, but your life, and why?

Rogers- I would say my head coach in college, Broderick Fobbs. He believed in me since the day we met and he just enforced discipline in me as player which I was lacking before he got there. He was preparing me to be a pro.


After talking with Mr. Rogers we are excited to watch not only his continued growth in 2017, but the reemergence of the Colts. Thank you to Chester for taking the time to chat with us and Go Colts!