Cleveland Browns Beat New Orleans Saints

On Thursday, August 10, the Cleveland Browns turned the page; showing that the change and transformation of this roster is real. The Cleveland Browns beat The New Orleans Saints with a score of 20-14. This was a must win for The Browns. Yes, it is only preseason, however when you lose all preseason games last year and only win one regular season game, the need for a win is very real. Let’s take a look at the highlights and improvements needed from last night’s game.

We need to talk about Deshone Kizer. Yes, he was playing against a third string defense, however, Kizer handled himself well in the pocket, threw an accurate long ball, and showed that he can make the reads and adapt to a changing situation. Kizer embodies all the attributes of a franchise quarterback, and with more experience we may have found our future in Cleveland. Osweiler had three-and-out theee times in the game. However, we must realize that he was playing without his starting Pro Bowl left tackle, Joe Thomas. In Thomas’ place was Cameron Erving, who struggled and had several penalties to start the game. Cody Kessler looked how we have seen in the past. He manages the game with short passes. Kessler had a nice long ball but that is the exception rather than the rule.

How about that defense? Gregg Williams’ stamp is all over this defense with in your face play and consistent attacking of the quarterback. Myles Garrett looked every bit of a star in the making with speed, agility and smarts. Cornerback Joe Haden looked solid. Defensive end Carl Nassib and linebacker Nate Orchard were aggressive in their plays and made their presence known on the field. Jabrill Peppers served as the initial kick and punt returner and moved the ball on punt return opportunies. RB Matthew Dayes scored the game’s first touchdown and will be one to watch for the Browns.

Improvements that need to be made come in the areas of Erving– who struggled playing left tackle, Erving has been moved several times around the line trying to find a home for him. How long will this experiment last? We may be nearing the end. The defense has to work on the up the middle runs that the Saints were pounding them with at the beginning of the game. Also the several penalties called against the Browns will be reviewed and worked on over their practices. Hopefully, they will be able to make the adjustments before they face the New York Giants on Monday, August 21 in Cleveland.

This win does not count on the books but it most definitely counts in the heart of that locker room. The Browns have made solid progress and without a doubt have turned the page.

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