The Colts Case for Tremaine Edmunds

Green Bay Packers: Potential First Round Picks
The Packers have historically prioritized talent over need, but Tremaine Edmunds could fit both areas. (Photo: Scooter Waller/247 Sports)

The NFL season is officially over, and it’s finally time to start looking forward to the free agency period in March and the NFL Draft in April. A while ago, we discussed the cases for a few top prospects-Minkah Fitzpatrick, Quentin Nelson, and Bradley Chubb. There is another player that Colts media and fans aren’t talking about as much, and that is Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. The Colts most likely won’t take him at number 3, but he could garner some interest if they trade back . Let’s take a look at how Edmunds might appeal to the Colts.


Age and Size

This is the biggest area of appeal for Edmunds. He is the youngest player in this draft. He is only 19 years old, and has an extra year or two to allow for development and still be at a typically rookie age by the time he is used to the speed and intensity of the NFL. He is 6-5 and weighs 220 pounds. He also has good strength, and isn’t blocked easily by offensive linemen.


Edmunds possesses good speed and athleticism, especially for his size. He gets to the ball carrier, and is seemingly all over the field when you watch his tape. He has the athleticism to rush off the edge, he can cover in the passing game, and he can sit in the box and help in the running game. He has been effective in all of these phases in college, and it should translate very nicely to the NFL. At the moment, he is not the greatest tackler, but he is so young that there would be plenty of time to work on those kind of things.


Fitting into the Colts Defense

With Josh McDaniels officially being hired, this means that the Colts are most likely going to a 4-3 defense. Edmunds fits perfectly into this system. His versatility allows him to play anywhere in this scheme. He can be called upon for pass coverage, run stopping, and getting to the quarterback. If, for whatever reason, the Colts continue to stick with a 3-4, Edmunds has the traits to also be a 3-4 outside linebacker.


As the combine approaches watch for Edmunds’ performance as his stock may very well rise. He might not go in the top 3, so if the Colts trade back a few picks look for them to have interest in him. The youth movement is ongoing in Indianapolis and the Colts will most likely have a lot of interest in the youngest prospect who has a ton of upside.


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