Colts Four Round Mock Draft

Greg Hildebrand

It’s that time of year again, where you hear all types of rumors that don’t end up to be true. Yes, it’s draft time, and you know the mock drafts are starting to roll out. After watching a ton of Colts tape this season for Blue HQ, I got a good idea of the personnel, and what they need for the future.  While there are a ton of holes on this team, last year’s draft class had a decent showing. Chris Ballard will be adding more pieces to compete in a division where the winner only had ten wins. Here is my prediction for the first 4 rounds.

Round 1. Quenton Nelson/ ND

Now I know what you are thinking, a guard at 3? Chubb is probably the popular mock draft pick, but I think Ballard cares about protecting Andrew Luck even more. Nelson is a generational guard who will change this line immediately and might be Top 5 guard on day one. With him and Castonzo on one side, the run game will rise to new heights, allowing Luck to play action and protect his body from harm.

Round 2.  Harold Landry/Boston College

Edge rusher is a need for the Colts, and with passing on Chubb, Harold Landry is the smart pick. Landry dealt with some injuries this year but still was able to record 8.5 sacks on the season. He is very explosive and can help rush the passer, opposite Jabal Sherd.

Round 3. Nick Chubb/Georgia

With the injuries, Andrew Luck has been dealing with the past two seasons, and Frank Gore getting older, it is imperative to fix the run game. That is why Nick Chubb from Georgia is a great pick in the 3rd. Chubb has very good vision and patience for finding open holes. While Marlon Mack did flash some good plays this year, it was more in the passing game, and third down. Chubb is great first and second down RB that can really compliment Mack.

Round 4. Tegray Scales/Indiana

Scales had a great senior season, finishing with 6 sacks, and 88 tackles. He will add much-needed speed to a defense that looked slow on Sundays. Scales has excellent instincts and is very sound in the run game. He also has the speed to hang with RB’s and TEs in the passing game. He would be a great value pick in the fourth.

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