Corey Davis Lone Bright Spot in New England

Donn Jones, AP

Things did not go as planned for the Tennessee Titans Saturday night as they suffered a demoralizing 35-14 loss to the New England Patriots. There was little excitement from the Titans on either side of the ball. However, a lone bright spot was rookie wide receiver, Corey Davis. Davis had two touchdowns in the game with one being the first score of the game to put the Titans up 7-0.

After this amazing grab, not much went well for Tennessee as starting Offensive Lineman Jack Conklin would tear his ACL and Marcus Mariota would be sacked a total of eight times in the contest. When Marcus did have some time at the end of the game, he looked Davis’s way again for another touchdown.

This was too little too late, of course, but it is certainly a bright spot for the Titans to look at for next season as some fans were concerned about Davis’s production this season after being drafted fifth overall. Davis would finish the game with five receptions for 63 yards and two touchdowns.

The Titans organization and fans alike may be upset with how the game fared last night; however, losing to the Patriots in that fashion lets Tennessee know where they stand and where they need to be. The Patriots are the standard for what a championship organization is run like, and the Titans can hopefully head in that direction with a few more additions.

Only time will tell.

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