Cousins ends debate

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The debate on Kirk Cousins should be over. Cousins and the Redskins entered Seattle Sunday and pulled off the unthinkable. Trailing 14-10 with time expiring quickly and the infamous “12th Man” roaring, Cousins did exactly what you expect franchise quarterbacks to do.

The Redskins offense took the field and in a matter of four plays and 35 seconds had reclaimed the lead, securing the victory and lifting Washington to 4-4.

“It ranks right up there,” Cousins said Sunday night.

After an incompletion, Cousins rolled right and was greeted by Michael Bennett who was bearing down on him. Cousins had been forced to get the ball out kick all night against the heavy rush, with a young ragtag offensive line. Despite the pressure, Cousins delivered a great ball before getting obliterated. Brian Quick caught it with two defenders clinging to him for a gain of 31 yards.

“I just wanted to put it out there for him and give him a chance,” said Cousins. “Just a chance.”

The big play came on first down when Cousins stood firm as the pocket collapsed. He calmly lobbed a beautiful pass deep downfield to Josh Doctson. The play ended on the one-yard line and set up the go-ahead score just moments later. Rob Kelley punched it in from the half-yard line. Seventy yards, four plays, 35 seconds.

“Probably the toughest football game I’ve ever played,” said Cousins. Best drive, under the circumstances, I’ve seen Cousins make, and it’s not close.

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