Dwayne Cohill: Butler Bulldog, Ohio State Buckeye, or Purdue Boilermaker?

Welcome to Blue HQ Media’s “Recruiting Trail” series where we bring you the latest on the top prospects for your team. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we take a look at today’s prospect, Dwayne Cohill.

Following the news of Chris Holtmann’s sudden departure from Butler University for Ohio State, could we already be seeing an impact?

Butler University has been courting the 6’2″  guard from Cleveland for some time now and it appears the interest was at least somewhat mutual. Cohill took a visit to Butler as recently as April 6th according to 247Sports.

Cohill is an exceptionally talented player as he ranks as the number two overall prospect in Ohio and 55th nationally. He uses a mixture of speeds to lull opponents into a false sense of security and then speed by them.

Maturity stands out when listening to Cohill speak. In regards to Ohio State’s recent struggles he told dispatch.com “Winning or losing doesn’t matter to me, really. It’s about how they’re playing and how they’re developing.”

The intrigue is how the coaching swap will ultimately effect Cohill’s decision. While Butler seemed to be quickly gaining traction, Ohio State has been the favorite for the perceived entirety of the race. Holtmann leaving could stunt the Bulldog’s momentum while helping to secure a commitment for the Buckeyes.

The final option in all of these could be the victory of a third school. Several schools, including Purdue, have also shown interest in Cohill. If he decides the coaching turnover at both schools is something he wants to avoid, the stability of Matt Painter may be very alluring.

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