Could Foles be on the trading block to the Browns?

Nick Foles had the game of his life last night as he and the Philadelphia Eagles beat the dominant New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Foles surely has shown his worth to the Eagles coaching staff and management. However, this is the NFL and you must always be looking ahead to prepare the longevity of your team.

Foles will be under contract until March 2019 and then will want more than his two-year, 11-million-dollar contract. When you see the contract of Alex Smith and anticipating the large sum Kirk Cousins will receive, the Eagles may know they won’t be able to afford Foles. So, why not get something for him.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that the front office “would consider” trading Foles “for the right price,” noting, too, that the Eagles haven’t shied away from making trades in recent years.

Insert the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have been looking for a stable presence at the quarterback position since their return. Deshone Kizer showed growth but would benefit from watching and learning as well as the quarterback that will likely be acquired from the 2018 draft class. What would the Browns be willing to give up to obtain Foles? They have four picks in the top 35 spots. Would one of these picks entice the Eagles to trade Foles? What would they need to add to sweeten the pot and would it be worth it?

Will Foles be able to recreate the magic from this season when he stepped in for the injured Carson Wentz? Wentz is set to return at the beginning of the season but it is not certain. His timetable should have him ready but will the Eagles be willing to give up their insurance policy? If they do, the return would have to be significant.

The Browns need to stabilize this position but must make sure they are not chasing fool’s gold. This will be the task assigned to John Dorsey. Is Foles the real deal or a one and done?

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