Forget a franchise quarterback on the field; Cleveland wants one in the front office

Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson(R) talks with owner Jimmy Haslam before their game against the Houston Texans, October 15, 2017, at NRG Stadium in Houston, Tx. John Kuntz, Kuntz)

As the struggles continue to mount on the field, the Cleveland Browns are looking for signs of hope in any way they can find it. At this point in the 2017 season, Browns fans might settle for just one tally in the win column. With only one win in the 2016 season, head coach Hue Jackson and the rest of the Browns organization were hoping to improve on that number this year. So far, the Browns have yet to chalk up a tally in the win column. Owner Jimmy Haslam has been committed to rebuilding the franchise and sticking with the plan.

As of late, the rumor mill in the Cleveland area has been running rampant with reports of Peyton Manning coming to the organization. CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora has confirmed that Haslam plans to pursue Manning to take a top executive position with the Browns. La Confora’s article seems to indicate that Haslam is desperate in his attempts of putting together a winning front office and coaching combination. Haslam thinks that Peyton Manning is the correct person to put in a position of power to have a say in the overall operations of the team.

Given the obvious disconnect that seems to be present between the Browns coaching staff and front office this year, getting the great football mind of Peyton Manning would be a vast improvement to the Browns organization. Surely he could have prevented the failed trade fiasco with the Cincinnati Bengals that would have seen quarterback AJ McCarron move from Cincinnati to Cleveland in exchange for draft picks. No chance Manning lets something like that happen, right?

Even though Manning has not made any clear indications as to what he wants to do in his post-playing career, his name has been linked to rumors of potentially taking a front office position with not only the Cleveland Browns but also the Tennessee Titans and New Orleans Saints. Jay Glazer from FOX Sports firmly believes that Manning will be a general manager of an NFL team by next season. However, with the number of teams looking to bring Manning aboard, the Browns will need to “up the ante” to ensure that they can secure him in Cleveland. Last month rumors spread that Manning was in Cleveland. While the exact details of the visit may not be known, rumors within the past week have stated that Manning is in the process of closing on a house in Cleveland.

Given the ties between Haslam and Manning, with both graduating from Tennessee and the active friendship between the two, the rumor mill may have a good head start here. Cleveland could surely benefit from the addition of Manning to the front office, even potentially as a part-owner of the organization if Haslam feels that’s what it takes to get Manning to choose the Browns over any other potential offers. Browns fans surely would not turn down the opportunity to bring a great football mind to Cleveland as they are growing restless with the current regime already.

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