Getting to Know Indiana University’s Aidan Rafferty

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As a school that has recently earned the nickname of “Running Back U” the offensive line at Indiana University is undoubtedly important. The Hoosiers and head coach Tom Allen made that perfectly clear with the recruitment and signing of 6’6″, 280-pound three-star offensive lineman Aidan Rafferty.

Rafferty was a highly recruited prospect and received offers from 23 different schools including Arizona, Boston College, Maryland, Louisville, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, NC State and a few others. He credits his decision to commit to the Hoosiers to the ability of the coaching staff to develop players.

“The staff and Indiana seemed like the place that would develop me not only as an athlete but also as a person,” said Rafferty.

Rafferty is a prototypical lineman with a great combination of strong hands and great footwork. Asked what he would classify as his biggest strength Rafferty responded, “Probably my length or footwork. Footwork is essential on the offensive line and being able to have quick first steps is a determining factor in winning a block.”

Rafferty is not just a brute either as the young many held additional offers from multiple Ivy League schools. It is not uncommon for recruits to get one or two looks from such schools but Rafferty was offered by schools like Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

Family has played a large role in helping to shape Rafferty into the man he has become.

“My father and mother, they have supported me through my whole journey, I couldn’t be where I am today without them.”

The incoming freshman has high hopes for Indiana where he hopes to major in business. When asked where he believed the Hoosiers would be in four years he simply responded, “Big Ten Championship.”

If the Hoosiers do indeed intend on making a Big Ten Championship a reality, they will need players like Rafferty in Bloomington. In his own words, Rafferty brings a “team mentality” and “hard work ethic” to the university.

With the addition of players like Rafferty, it is clear coach Allen and the Hoosiers are well on their way to changing the culture in Bloomington.

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