Getting to Know Indiana University’s Gavin McCabe

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The Indiana Hoosiers have put a strong emphasis on the defensive side of the ball under coach Tom Allen. This past season the Hoosiers saw their defensive unit finish the year ranked 26th in the nation for total defense, a pretty good mark for a school who regularly played Big Ten juggernauts. Allen and his staff have shown no signs of slowing down though as they have hit the recruiting trail hard this offseason.

Gavin McCabe, a 6’3”, 250-pound defensive end from Marist, recently signed with the Hoosiers as part of their 2018 recruiting class. McCabe picked Indiana over not only rival Purdue but also Illinois, Washington State, and Georgia Tech among others.

“I chose Indiana over schools like Purdue and Illinois for a couple different reasons,” said McCabe. “The biggest reason was probably that of the relationship that I had with the coaches at IU. They were very sincere and were coaches that not only wanted to make the best football player I could be but also the best man I could be. Every time I stepped on the campus at Bloomington I just had the feeling that IU was the place that I was meant to be. I was a huge fan of Illinois and really liked the school but they offered me pretty late and I had already grown a really good relationship with Indiana and a couple other schools and they were just a little too late into the party for me.”

The incoming freshman knows exactly what he brings to Bloomington and is eager to help the Hoosiers “breakthrough”.

“What I bring to Indiana is a hard worker and someone who will give everything for the team. Someone who will fight until the very end and a guy that people can look up to. I hope to contribute as early as possible. I hope to learn as much as I can from the older guys and coach Hagen early in the summer and the beginning of the season. Then I hope to get as many reps as possible in games during the year.”

“How I see Indiana’s football program four years from now is a team that is competing week in and week out in the best conference in college football,” continued McCabe. “I see us as a team that has gotten over the hump and is a contender for the Big 10 championship. We have been so close in way too many games the past couple of years and I believe that we are right there. We are building an army at IU and we are going to be a team to fear in the Big 10 East.”

McCabe is a young man with a steady plan of action. It is clear he knows where he wants to get in life and is willing to take the appropriate measures to get there. He credits his father for instilling those values at a young age.

“The person who has had the biggest impact on me in my life up to this point would have to be my dad,” said McCabe. “He has been there for me through my whole life and has supported me in everything that I have done. He teaches me that there is so much more to life than just football. He keeps my head on my shoulders and keeps me humbled. I know I would not be where I am without him.”

For McCabe, football has always been more than just an after-school activity. He made clear that even at a young age, football was his passion.

“I’ve known that football wasn’t just an activity my whole life,” said McCabe. “Ever since I was a kid my whole life has been football, although I played a lot of other sports football was always the sport that I had the most love and passion for. But if I can name a time in high school when it really hit me that it was something a lot more than just an activity would have to be when I received my first scholarship during my junior season. I always wanted to play college football and I worked so hard to achieve that goal and as soon I received my first scholarship I knew all of my hard work was worth it.”

You can see McCabe firsthand this fall when the Hoosiers look to establish themselves as a legitimate contender in the Big Ten or on campus where he’ll be attending the Kelly School of Business.

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