Getting to Know Indiana University’s Tj Ivy

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We’ve covered a few players so far from Indiana’s 2018 class that make their residency on the defensive side of the ball but it’s time to shift things back to the offense. Today we take a closer look at TJ Ivy, a 3-star recruit out of Chicago who lined up at tight end, wide receiver, and defensive end for Marist High School last season. Ivy will play tight end in Bloomington, joining Ryan Watercutter, the projected starter, Peyton Hendershot, and fellow signee Matt Bjorson among others.

While the Hoosiers are certainly elated to have Ivy onboard with the program, his commitment seemed a distant hope not so long ago.

“Originally I had committed to West Virginia University but things happened and I felt I no longer had trust and could stay committed there,” said Ivy. “IU always was a top choice and when it comes down to it the system is better for me and I have a lot of trust with this coaching staff. Ultimately when it came to that point it was a no-brainer.”

Indiana fans will likely fall in love with Ivy early in his career and his ability to play an old-school, physical brand of football.

“My favorite football memory is definitely senior year in a game against Nazareth High School,” said Ivy. “We had been hearing a lot of chatter the entire year about how they were going to be the true test of how good we were. We came out and punched them in the mouth 21-0 at the half came back out and in the fourth, I trucked this kid for a touchdown that was a period on the game to put it away for good. It was pretty sweet!”

Ivy offers a lot in the way of not only physical talent but also the mental fortitude needed to play Big Ten football. He lists his work ethic as one of his biggest strengths and has confidence that the Hoosiers can right the ship over the next several years.

“My biggest strength I would have to say is me being able to stay persistent and never complacent,” said Ivy. “I’m always open to learning more and figuring out ways to correct something and get better in the game, as a person, and in life. I bring character and an open mind ready to work at IU. I expect to get in and compete, hopefully freshman year.”

Ivy continued, “I see IU’s program getting back up and finishing the games that we came so close in this year, being able to try and compete for a top spot in the Big Ten and winning multiple bowl games over the years.”

For the incoming freshman, something clicked for him with football just over two seasons ago.

“I realized this was more than a high school activity early in my junior season when I had a coach come in to see me,” said Ivy. “I thought it was just a routine thing of him looking around but I was in awe when the coach from Iowa State offered me a scholarship. It was the greatest feeling I have ever had and it was probably the best day I’ve ever had.”

The Hoosiers have clearly made a lot of good choices on who to recruit in the 2018 class and Ivy is living proof of that. Don’t be surprised when fans fall in love with Ivy next fall.

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