Sunday, Oct 8th was a hard day for quarterback Deshone Kizer. He was 8 of 17 for 87 yards. He turned the ball over twice inside the Jets 5-yard line. One was a fumble and the other was an interception.

This resulted in Kizer’ benching at the half in favor of backup quarterback Kevin Hogan. Hogan led the team down the field. He was 16 for 19 for 194 yards 2 touchdowns and an interception.

For now, it seems to be Kizer’s job to lose but that could change. According to Hue Jackson, “I think he respects my decision and we’ll go from there. How he feels about that, you’ll have to ask him. I was trying to put our team in the best position to win games. DeShone Kizer today is our starting quarterback unless I feel different (later in the week).”

The bright spot for Cleveland was the defense which kept the game interesting. Myles Garrett first play of the NFL season was a sack on quarterback Josh McCown. His second sack came on the Jets 16-yard line. Garrett lined up at defensive end and when McCown tried to scramble Garrett launched himself for the takedown.

More information will be coming later in the week as Hue and company watch film but if you were Hue, what would you do? Would you stand by your man?