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The Colts have started the season with a 0-2 record, and the offense has struggled to move the ball in both games. With Jacoby Brissett at the helm, the offense had better success than the week before. One of the main reasons for that success was the rise of targets for Jack Doyle. Jack Doyle really came on last year as a reliable target for Andrew Luck, catching 59 out of 75 targets, while also collecting five touchdowns in 2016. Against the Arizona Cardinals, Doyle had 8 receptions on 8 targets, showing once again his reliability as a weapon on the offense.

The reason Doyle is such a reliable target is that of his route running and ability to separate. Doyle is very quick when coming out of his stem and catches defensive backs off guard. The separation he creates makes him an easy target, especially for a young quarterback like Brissett. Here he is above, matched up against Budda Baker in the slot on a third and four early in the first. Doyle has a good release and gets on Baker fast. Watch the move at the top of the stem, Doyle gives Baker a quick jab inside and cuts outside, almost making Baker fall. Brissett hits him in stride for the first down.

Here is another example, Doyle this time is in line at the “Y” position. He, once again, gets a very good release and stems into the dig route well. Instead of using his quickness to separate, this time he uses his play strength. You will see at the top of his stem that he gives Branch a veteran push. That subtle push gives him just enough separation to win the route. Brissett steps up and throws a dart right to Doyle for the 15-yard first down.

Doyle’s route running makes him one of the most reliable and underrated TE’s in the NFL. If you have Doyle in fantasy, he is a must-start in PPR’s because you will see his targets rising in the upcoming weeks. He and Brissett are starting to build chemistry already, and you saw it on the field Sunday. He is a great outlet for a young quarterback to lean on.

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