Jacoby Brissett: Long Term Backup or Future Starter?

Courtesy of Colts.com

Last Sunday was a big milestone in young Jacoby Brissett’s NFL career. He won his first game a the starter for the Indianapolis Colts. He is, of course, only holding down the position until Andrew Luck is back in action, but he has impressed many with his early play. So much so, that many have begun to wonder if he will one day be viewed as a starter for another team.

Brissett has everything you could want in a quarterback. He has the right height and weight, 6’4″ 230lbs, he has a cannon for an arm and an extremely high football I.Q. He also has the makeup of a high caliber NFL quarterback and plays up to that potential. Brissett was acquired from New England less than three weeks ago and in that short amount of time to learn the playbook, he has been able to lead the Colts to a win. He nearly won both of his starts, but came up just short of Arizona, however, he has both the ability and poise of a starting caliber quarterback and this bodes well for all parties involved.

Brissett was acquired to be the long-term answer at the Colts backup quarterback position and he has shown that he is certainly capable over his first few weeks. But now that he’s shown the league how good he can be in multiple offenses, will there be a team that wants to snatch him up as their future franchise guy?

Looking at what was reportedly offered to the Patriots for their backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, and the intrigue about other backups like A.J. McCarron, it certainly seems like some teams may be intrigued by Brissett. He has everything you could want after all.

The question arises though, is Brissett more valuable to the Colts as a long-term quarterback or eventually as a potential draft pick? New England was reportedly offered first round picks for Garoppolo, and if Brissett keeps playing as well as he has, there is little doubt that something along those lines could be offered for his services as well.

So, does Ballard flip him for a first or second round draft pick at some point, or does he value the stability behind Luck even more? That answer will surely come at some point one way or another, but for the time being, it is certainly encouraging to see a quarterback, not named Luck, thriving for the Colts behind center.

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