James Dolan is Treating the Knicks Like a Sports Car

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Seeing a trust funded, 20-something kid, drive a six-figure sports car can be infuriating. The false start, the grinding of the gears, you know all too well that car belongs in the hands of somebody who knows what to do with it. That’s the same feeling that arises when you think of James Dolan’s ownership of the Knicks. Wednesday night the Knicks faced a Kyrie Irving-less, Celtics team. The Celtics played one point guard, Terry Rozier. Rozier put up his first career triple-double (17 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists) on his first career start. Marcus Morris scored 20 points in a mere 19 minutes. In true Knicks fashion, of course, they would allow an Irving-Hayward-less team to do this kind of damage.

Adding insult to 30-point win injury, in the second quarter, the Knicks abysmal transition defense showed all its glory in allowing Jaylen Brown to dribble past two defenders and posterize Porzingis. The stack plays the Celtics ran were too much for the Knicks reaction abilities. Celtics passes were constant, quick and to the point – something similar to the thought process of James Dolan and his checkbook.

The February trade deadline is fast approaching. The rumblings of trade rumors echo the lines of the internet faster than agents can confirm to their clients they should probably start packing. Teams are trying to figure out ways to take out the monster the CBA created in Golden State. The Clippers moved Blake to The Motor City; Milwaukee and Philly are rising from the slump ashes. The East is transitioning with a lot of promise in the years to come. The end of the King James era is showing its Sunset in the distance, and the esteemed Knicks are the last thing in NY to be gentrified for the “better”.

Back to the 20-something kid, with the sports car they shouldn’t be driving. James Dolan has chained the Knicks with horrible contracts, head coaches and trades. The ghosts’ of Andrea Bargnani and Amari Stoudemire contracts have come back in the form of Joakim Noah. The Knicks sent Noah home after an altercation during practice with Jeff Hornacek. The Knicks gave Noah the, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” NYC aphorism.

With a promising frontcourt in Enes Kanter and Porzingis, time will tell if Dolan can find his way out of first gear or burn out another clutch.

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