Joey Brunk gets hardship waiver

Photo credit: Jimmy Lafakis

Joey Brunk and the Butler Bulldogs got an important answer from the NCAA Tuesday night: Joey was granted a hardship labor and is now a redshirt freshman. This puts the 6’11” Indiana All-Star who hails from Southport in the same class as freshman Aaron Thompson, Christian David, and Jerald Gillens-Butler.

Even though Brunk played seven games through December 10 last year, he spent the rest of his winter with his dad, the late Joe Brunk, who had a brain tumor. Because of this situation, it was decided it would be best for Joey to sit the rest of the year out and apply for a redshirt season. Former Butler player Erik Fromm also gave Brunk advice to spend as much time with his dad as he could, as Fromm’s dad passed away from cancer in 2013. And Joey did just that, spending only one night in his dorm during his fathers’ illness.

Brunk was a top 100 recruit in high school, and was in the running for Mr. Basketball in Indiana, and helped Southport to their first regional title since 1990. Now Brunk has only played 36 minutes this season, and has 10 points and 15 rebounds. But when he comes off the bench he usually provides a great spark on both ends of the floor.

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