Has Josh Gordon seen the light?

(Joshua Gunter, The Plain Dealer)

Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns is featured in a new mini-documentary by Uninterrupted. In this documentary, Gordon discusses his well-documented issues with substance abuse. Gordon was drafted by the Cleveland Browns but quickly fell into a myriad of suspensions and disciplinary actions by the NFL. Today Gordon is in rehab and hoping to resurrect his football career but more importantly his life.

Gordon discusses how his issues have been a part of his life since he can remember. “I have been enabled most of my life honestly. I have been enabled by coaches, teachers, professors…everybody pretty much.”

He recalls how at Baylor coaches let him know when he would be drug tested and would supply him with bottles of detox. This allowed Gordon to pass mandatory drug tests. He stated that this is where his abuse of authority began. Why would he take it seriously if he was being helped by a coach in this position?

His first stint in rehab Gordon stated that he felt “this as a publicity stunt. This will help the media deal with me, the fans deal with it. …. I definitely wasn’t listening. It was pretty much a vacation.” He followed this up with a DWI and a lengthy suspension.

Gordon watched his football career vanish. He was suspended for the whole year and internalized many of the criticisms he had earned. This led him to his darkest day. He was alone, on the street and looking for his next fix. This is when Gordon says he realized, “I was looking for something. Some type of relief.”

Gordon states that he is investing himself 100% into making his life the best it can be. He had a sit down with Roger Goodell and said Goodell has mentored Gordon and been a friend.

Gordon has immense physical ability but can his personal demons be silenced? Gordon during the time of the documentary had been in rehab for a little over 2 months. “The only thing I know I have to go off of is faith, family and my ability in football.”

Many have supported Gordon in the past and been let down. Let’s hope this transcendent talent has found his way and seen the light.

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