The light at the end of the tunnel just got a bit further away

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This afternoon, Chris Ballard held an unscheduled press conference to announce that Andrew Luck will be shut down after experiencing soreness in his surgically repaired throwing shoulder.

Luck, who has not played in a game yet this season, has not been ruled out for the season. The star quarterback received a cortisone shot in the shoulder to help settle down the soreness and inflammation that he has been experiencing. Although Ballard was non-committal to Luck playing this season, he said that the IR was not an option at this time. The Colts are still hopeful to get him on the field. Team doctors had told Ballard that this is not “unusual”, and general soreness is expected after such a long time without throwing the football. Luck has been a limited participant in practice over the last two weeks. Ballard was hopeful that Luck could return to practice at some point and “pick up where he left off”

This is just awful news for an Indianapolis Colts team that just cannot get their offense rolling. This is a team that has not been able to move the ball consistently all season. The Colts offense, lead by Jacoby Brissett has played very well at times, but have not been able to close the door on promising opportunities.

The next step for Luck is to continue with the rehab and wait until the soreness and inflammation in the shoulder subside. If Luck can quickly return to the practice field, there is a very strong chance that he can get back on the playing field before this season is over. One thing is guaranteed though, the organization will not rush their franchise quarterback onto the field. Although it is only week 7, the team is slowly losing grasp at any hope to play in the postseason.

The reality is, if Andrew Luck is ready to play late in the season and the team has no playoff hopes…will they really be willing to throw Luck on the field?

Only time will tell.

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