Marlon Mack and the Colts Future

In the 2017 NFL Draft the Indianapolis Colts selected Marlon Mack from the University of South Florida with the 143rd overall pick. What does the future entail for this young man though? Will he be the running back of the future or the next name in a long list of late round experiments?

In college, Mack was the very definition of a home run threat. Mack scored 15 rushing touchdowns last year, six of which were at least 43 yards or longer. Couple that with an absurd 6.2 yards per carry average for his career and there is no denying Mack’s talent. The main question at this point appears to be– will he have enough opportunities to make a significant difference?

The Colts face a dilemma that has been an issue since perhaps the days of Edgerrin James and Dominic Rhodes in the backfield. The team’s running back stable is packed with quality talent.

Frank Gore is quickly running past some of the most prolific runners in league history, and showed no signs of slowing down last year as he reached the 1,000-yard mark. Robert Turbin also flashed brilliance last season in a secondary role to Gore, proving he could handle a bigger workload.

The team then unexpectedly signed Christine Michael. Michael may not be a name that causes a massive reaction through the fan base but he is a good addition nonetheless, averaging 4.3 yards per carry through his career. Even with all the talent present, expect Indianapolis to find ways to get Mack involved.

All-in-all, Mack has a very good chance to secure his position as the team’s running back of the future as Gore ages. Go out and get yourself a jersey and seat on the Marlon Mack wagon before there’s no room left.

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