What you need to know: Tennessee Vols coaching fiasco

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The past few weeks have been an absolute roller coaster for Tennessee’s administration in trying to obtain a new Head Football Coach. Is the search close to being over?

Tennessee Coaching Circus

As far as the public eye knows,Tennessee has made offers to four different coaches in the past week, with one accepting and the other three declining.

Yes, only Tennessee can have a coach accept and lose an offer within the same day. Other coaches have also declined interest in coaching the Vols before they could even be offered the job. Let’s take a look at who Tennessee has targeted and the story behind each of them.

Greg Schiano

On Sunday afternoon, it had appeared Tennessee’s coaching search was over.

Little did they know, it was just getting started. The hiring of Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano ignited an absolute uproar on social media from Vol fans as well as larger public figures.

Tweets from Vol fans soared from every angle shooting down the Schiano fire. As crazy as it may sound, it seems the backlash from the fans worked as Schiano and Tennessee would part ways later in the day.

Who could blame Schiano though?

There are not many coaches or people in general who want to be somewhere they are not wanted. The day that was coined as the “Rocky Top Revolution” would soon spark a #FireCurrie movement that was chanted at a WWE event in Knoxville Monday night, as well as during a basketball game during the week.

Some may find the turn of events with Schiano caused by the fans comical and some may see it as embarrassing to the University and its football program. One thing is for sure; no coach has ever agreed to a deal and been canned soon after a social media revolt by fans.

Mike Gundy

Next, Tennessee would focus their sights on Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy. This time, Vol fans seemed to agree with bringing Gundy on board, so it should work, right? Wrong.

Gundy has seen plenty of success at Oklahoma State, going 113-53 in thirteen years as their coach. Apparently, big names such as the likes of Peyton Manning were involved in trying to recruit Gundy.

However, Manning’s call nor the seven million dollars a year Tennessee reportedly offered him would be enough to bring the mullet to Knoxville.

Gundy declined.

Jeff Brohm

Just when you did not think this coaching search could get any more bizarre, it did just that.

After the Gundy pursuit ended, Tennessee quickly transitioned to Purdue Head Coach Jeff Brohm. Once again, it appeared Currie has his man as a historically credible source to the University of Tennessee, Jimmy Hyams, tweeted Tennessee had reached an agreement with Brohm to become Head Coach of the Vols and that he would be announced Wednesday afternoon.

Consequently, the tweet was deleted soon after speculation arose if Tennessee had even been in contact with Brohm about the job.

It was difficult to know who to believe while the Brohm rumors were swirling as pictures even surfaced of Brohm recruiting for the Boilermakers during the same day, evidently.

Clay Travis had an interesting take on what happened with Brohm according to his “sources”.

It is easy to see there were more than enough viewpoints on what was happening between the Tennessee administration and Brohm on Wednesday to give anyone a headache. All in all, it was another wild and unsuccessful day for Vol fans waiting on a new Head Coach.

Dave Doeren

On Thursday, John Currie would set the search on NC State Head Coach Dave Doeren. This would not take long at all as Currie offered Doeren the job, and Doeren synonymously declined.


Other Candidates

With many coaches being rumored throughout the past week as targets or potential hires, it is easy to become confused. Here is an organized tweet of who has either expressed their lack of interest in the job or who has actually declined the job.

Notable names who expressed their disinterest in the Tennessee job include Chip Kelly (UCLA), Dan Mullen (Florida), David Cutcliffe (Duke), and Jim Bob Cooter (Detroit Lions).

With the coaching search being this frantic and unorganized in such a short span of time, it can make one wonder, does anyone want this job? Whatever the case may be, Tennessee needs to find a high-quality coach, and they need to find one now as the options and credibility of this job is shrinking each day this cycle goes on.

The latest rumor is Tennessee is talking heavily with Washington State Head Coach Mike Leach.

Hopefully, this deal gets done and ends the stressful coaching search for Tennessee and its fans.

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