With the NBA Draft quickly approaching, fans are wondering what the Indiana Pacers will do with the 18th pick. In this series we will examine some options and what their selection would mean for the team moving forward. Today’s prospect is John Collins, a power forward from Wake Forest.

The sophomore is just 19-years old and stands at a respectable 6’10”. Collins is known for his ability to fly around the basketball court, being an excellent rim runner. Much like Justin Patton, Collins exceeds in the pick and roll.

The weaknesses appear for Collins when we examine his passing abilities and behavior when double teamed. In two collegiate seasons he has averaged at least three times as many turnovers as assists. That stat alone is concerning in a league where ball movement is key. When double teamed, Collins seems to panic and become rushed leading to mental errors and mistakes.

On defense things look atrocious for the power forward. Again, in his college career, Collins has averaged nearly six fouls per 40 minutes. Those fouls don’t look to be going away in the NBA either.

In conclusion, while Collins is no doubt a talented offensive player, his overall skill does not warrant a selection here over the other talent projected to be available. The Pacers should look elsewhere.