With the NBA Draft quickly approaching, fans are wondering what the Indiana Pacers will do with the 18th pick. In this series we will examine some options and what their selection would mean for the team moving forward. Today’s prospect is Justin Patton, a center from Creighton University.

We previously wrote an article detailing the potential drafting of Jarrett Allen, and while he would be a good option, Patton looks to be even better. Patton is just 20-years old and stands seven feet tall with a 230-pound frame.

While Patton doesn’t have the “big school” reputation that Allen does, he does have the numbers to back up his selection here. His strengths come in the way he moves the floor. Patton is a nightmare for opposing defenses on the pick-and-roll and runs the floor with the best big men in the country. Lance Stephenson had success this season in the pick-and-roll with Kevin Seraphin and there is no reason to think that success couldn’t be improved upon with Patton.

Patton has a high motor and is very agile. Last season his per 40 numbers were extremely impressive, as he tallied 20.3 points, 9.6 rebounds, 2.3 blocks and 1.4 steals.

While there is still over two weeks left until the draft, Patton, to this point, is a difference maker the Pacers should look at if he is available at 18.