Pagano and his role in the team’s 2017 debacle

Chuck Pagano
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - OCTOBER 30: Chuck Pagano, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, reacts on the sidelines during the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Kansas City Chiefs at Lucas Oil Stadium on October 30, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

With the Colts struggling to win games, blowing leads, and failing to make the playoffs in the AFC South division, fans are looking for answers. A large majority of the fanbase and analysts alike have pointed the finger at Chuck Pagano, calling for his job.

This is not an article defending Pagano’s job at all, Indianapolis certainly needs a new coach. Pagano is not aggressive and he does not understand how to make halftime adjustments, based on the fact that the Colts are second in the league for halftime leads with eight, yet they have a 3-8 record. Another sickening stat – The Colts have been outscored 117 to 48 in the fourth quarter this season.

The purpose here is to explain why the Colts are a struggling team that has very little to do with coaching, and why Chuck Pagano should not be taking 100 percent of the blame.

Andrew Luck

By now everyone should know the Colts franchise quarterback is out for the season. How can we blame a coach for the injury of your team’s most important player? There are not many teams in the NFL that can win consistently without their franchise quarterback. When Aaron Rogers went down with a broken collarbone, the Packers stopped winning. I haven’t heard anyone calling for the job of their head coach. Most fans should understand how hard it is to win without your starting quarterback.

Dropped passes

The Colts are 10th in the NFL in dropped passes with 16. Those are big drive killers and huge game changers. While the timing with a new quarterback could factor into the equation some, it’s hard to blame a coach for those.

Offensive Line

The Colts have given up 47 sacks, a number that is the most in the NFL. There is undoubtedly a problem with the quarterback holding onto the ball too long, but that’s another story. With the season drawing to a close it is now apparent the line is not fixed like Irsay promised.

Where would the Colts be this season with a different coach? Who else could win with a young, inexperienced backup quarterback, several injured starters and the fifth youngest team in the NFL? Again while there is no question the coaching staff is inept and needs to be replaced before next season, Pagano is not wholeheartedly responsible for the mess in Indianapolis.

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