Parade or Protest?

(John Kuntz, The Plain Dealer)

The Cleveland Browns finished their season with the unfortunate distinction of joining the ranks of 0-16. The frustration of fans turned into one man vowing to have a parade for the “perfect season”. Chris McNeil who organized the parade said, “First of all, I didn’t expect it to take place,” McNeil said Tuesday. “I expected the Browns to win a game. Second of all, I didn’t want it to happen. I wanted them to win a game.”

Cleveland fans have been divided in their feelings on this gathering. Many asked vow to not go to the parade. The mocking of the city, the team that they love and the players is not something many fans want to be a part of. The other half feel that this is not a celebration but a protest to the owners that the product being put on the field is not good enough. This, however, has been proven by the lack of fans in the seats at the games.

The parade will begin at noon today in sub-zero temperatures. The parade route is slated to go counter-clockwise around Cleveland Browns stadium to form a zero. Cleveland ownership hears the frustrations and released a statement to the fans, “We greatly appreciate the passion of all our fans and we apologize to them for not making 2017 an enjoyable season,” the team said in a statement. “We certainly hear them and understand their frustration. Obviously, we want the same thing as our fans; winning results. We are committed to doing everything we can to improve and build them the type of team they most certainly deserve.” Via ESPN

The fans are passionate, loyal and frustrated. Whether the fans support or oppose the parade/protest one thing is certain, they deserve better and demand those in charge hear their cries.

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