Paul George Forsakes the Indiana Pacers

According to multiple league sources, Paul George and his agent have informed the Indiana Pacers and GM Kevin Pritchard that he will not look to remain with the team after next season. George acknowledged his desire to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

George has not requested a trade from the team and appears willing to finish out next season as a Pacer. Unfortunately for the franchise, the news pretty much cripples any trade they could make to receive value back for George. While the team will certainly explore their options, teams will likely not offer big returns for a one year rental.

While a trade would benefit the Pacers more than George walking for nothing, George can afford to be patient. He’s better off joining a team that doesn’t have to dismantle its roster to make room in his eyes.

Here’s where things get interesting. The Lakers have a solid, young core full of potential and the number two overall pick in the draft this offseason. Then the rumors of LeBron’s arrival began earlier this week when reports surfaced that there was at least a small possibility James was eyeing the City of Angels for 2018.

Could it be that the star of the Pacers franchise has decided his best chance of winning will be with James and the Lakers in 2018? One thing is certain, George has turned his back on the fans who have supported him throughout his career.

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