With the NBA Draft quickly approaching, fans are wondering what the Indiana Pacers will do with the 18th pick. In this series we will be examining some options and what their selection would mean for the team moving forward. Today’s prospect is Jarrett Allen, a center from Texas University.

This pick may confuse fans as the team selected a promising “center” in Myles Turner just two seasons ago. However, make no mistake about it, Turner is a natural four. The Pacers need a big, physical presence down low to free Turner of that burden. Allen could very well be that player.

Allen is young at just 19-years old and should still be growing. He currently stands at 6’10” with shoes and weighs 234 pounds according to results from the draft combine. While he wouldn’t necessarily be the tallest center around, he possesses an incredible wingspan that measures 7’5″ across. That also translates to a standing reach over 9’1″.

In the paint, Allen is an offensive menace due to his long arms and solid frame. Last season at Texas he converted 68% of his attempts around the basket. With that said, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Allen doesn’t have a good chance of scoring outside of the paint and his free throw percentage is abysmal at under 60%. He also lacks strength to push around men at the NBA level. As of now, he doesn’t bring the nasty attitude you’d like from a physical big man. While that all seems bad, remember that Allen is still a kid and will continue to grow and mature as he ages.

If selected by the Pacers it would create an interesting opportunity. Turner still has two seasons left on his contract and has continued to progress nicely. Allen would give the team a pair of young, talented big men with heaps of potential. Couple that with Paul George, who I’m confident will remain in Indianapolis, the Pacers would have a solid group of core players.