Pros and Cons of Keeping Tyrod Taylor

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Tyrod Taylor has a love/hate relationship with Bills fans. He led the Bills to their first playoff appearance since 1999, but most would say that was because of the defense. Fans seem to look past his success and want to see a replacement for him as soon as possible. They begged for Peterman and got exactly what they wished for with a dismal performance. While I think Taylor is a legit NFL QB, he does have his limitations. There are both positive and negatives to keeping Tyrod Taylor.



Tyrod Taylor has only thrown 16 interceptions in the last three seasons. He is very careful with the football and does not create many mistakes. With a defensive-minded head coach like McDermott, He fits right in not putting the defense in compromising situations. He did have some fumble issues in 2015 but has corrected this the past two seasons. Taylor’s efficiency is perfect for the design of the team.

Third Down

This past season Taylor was excellent on third down. He converted on 42% of his third down conversions with pure passing and converted more with his legs. While you could say a high amount was dump offs to LeSean McCoy, He was still able to move the chains consistently, keep the defense off the field, and sustain long drives.

Intermediate Passing Game

Taylor excelled in the intermediate passing game. He did throw an interception all year in 10-19 yards passing range. He had seven TD’s with a passing rating 121.8. With him being so successful here, you would like to see the Bills call more of these routes to fit his strengths. They should also add receivers who can create separation in the slot with him excelling with throws in-between the hashes.


Red Zone

Taylor really struggled in the red zone in 2017 averaging an awful 2.9 YPA. He rarely would throw into contested windows, and could not convert long drives into touchdowns. If he was more efficient in the red zone, the Bills could have set up the defense with bigger leads, and turn teams one-dimensional. Instead, field goals keep teams in the game.

Taking Sacks

Taylor took too many unwarranted sacks in 2017. Taylor converted pressure to sacks 23.3 percent of the time. This is a habit that Taylor has had for years, and probably won’t see a change in this department any time soon. He has to know when to throw the ball away instead of trying to make a play and running into sacks. Dan Hatman of the scouting academy always says that by year 6 a player is who he is, and the same goes with Taylor taking unnecessary sacks.

Deep passing

Taylor was an excellent deep passer in 2015 but has not been the same the past two seasons. The number suggests that he has regressed in this area, with him leading the league with 41% of his deep passes being overthrown. I think if they can get Taylor an actual deep threat he might be able to progress and be more efficient with his deep passes.

Can you win with Tyrod Taylor? Absolutely, but the Bills have to be all in. They have to build an offense that can suit his needs and not expect him to conform to an old-school NFL offense. The Eagles did an excellent job with Wentz this year adding more spread concepts and RPO’s. Look at how Deshaun Watson did in Houston when they catered the offense to him. This is what the Bills need to do this offseason to stay as a playoff team in the AFC.

*All stats come from PFF 2018 QB annual.
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