Pryor Set to Return to Cleveland?

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Terrell Pryor left Cleveland in what many fans felt was a self-serving move. Pryor was offered a contract by the Cleveland Browns but shopped around betting on himself. When Pryor returned to the Browns the acquisition of Wide Receiver, Kenny Britt had taken place and the contract that was offered was no longer on the table.

Pryor headed to Washington in what he hoped would be a breakout year for himself. However, the season he hoped for did not materialize. Pryor’s 2016 season with the Browns was plentiful with Pryor amassing over 1000 yards.

Pryor did not see the production in Washington he had once seen in Cleveland. In the 2017 season, Pryor finished with nine games, two starts, 20 catches and 240 yards. This was not the prove it season Pryor had hoped for. Needless to say, the parting between Pryor and Washington will be a mutual one.

Why would Pryor come back to the Browns? Pryor is familiar with Hue Jackson’s offense and would be able to assimilate quickly into the system. The rapport between Pryor and Jackson is favorable and would lend itself to a warm return. The Browns also had made a move to acquire Pryor at the trade deadline but with no success.

Pryor would not require the large contract and he could team up with Josh Gordon and become a dynamic duo on the field. Will the Browns want Pryor back? This will rest at the feet of new GM, John Dorsey. Pryor was committed in Cleveland and showed great potential as a receiver. However, in Washington, he also showed a bit of ego that got in the way of his success.

We will keep an eye out but The Browns appear to be a favorable landing spot for Pryor and before long we may be saying welcome home!

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