What the Return of Josh Gordon Means


Josh Gordon returned in a flash. California was warm but Gordon helped the temperature soar for fans of the Cleveland Browns on the first play of the game. Quarterback Deshone Kizer targeted Gordon who came away with a nice catch and an enthusiastic way to start the game. However, the addition of Gordon wasn’t enough to push the Browns into a victory. The Browns fell to 0-12 and disappointment was evident.

Gordon means so much more to the Browns. He gives the Browns a spark and the hope that this season will not be a total loss. Gordon has his priorities aligned and stated that “I feel free when I’m out there. My business is out there, people know what I’m about and that’s a great feeling.”

He finished the game with 4 receptions and 85 yards all done while only practicing for 2 weeks with the team. His motivation and athleticism is evident and can hopefully spill over into the young and struggling wide receiving room.

Coach Hue Jackson believes that the more Gordon practices the more finely tuned and explosive he will become. “He did a pretty good job yesterday. I think, obviously, the more comfortable he gets in the system, the more comfortable I am at what he does and does well, the better he is going to be and the more the quarterback knows what he does. I just think it is going to get better and better and better every week that we play because there is a better understanding of Josh and what he can do and what he does not do as well. That is how you start to build your offensive football team as you move forward.”

What he can mean for the Browns is reliability. Gordon can catch the ball on a dime and can explode down the field. This reliability factor has been lacking on this inexperienced team. Waiting for change can be painful but with Flash Gordon, there will definitely be some bright spots.

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