Romeo Langford: Trying to Find Juliet

Romeo Langford

Welcome to Blue HQ Media’s “Recruiting Trail” series where we will bring you the latest on the top prospects for your team. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we take a look at today’s prospect, Romeo Langford.

A homegrown prospect playing his high school ball in New Albany, Langford has become somewhat of a national commodity. Known for his next level abilities on the court, it’s Langford’s character that really sets him apart.

Langford is known for being a humble and down to earth young man despite being ranked in the top five recruits in the country. One example of this occurred recently when a young 5-year old New Albany native lost his mother to cancer. Langford knew his role in the community and acted.

Despite not knowing the family, Langford attended the funeral visitation to comfort the boy and his family. In an interview with Fletcher Page, Langford had this to say, “I wanted to be there,” Langford said, “because if he looked up to me and he’s going through a hard time I can make his day better.”

Those next level skills mentioned before are also something rarely seen in high school gyms. Langford already has a state championship under his belt that he won as a sophomore, along with over 2,000 career points. Last season the 6’5″ guard averaged an off the charts 28.7 points, 8.9 rebounds and 3.4 assists.

Jim Shannon told the IndyStar in a recent interview, “People will be talking about him 20 years from now like they talk about the ‘Big O’ Oscar Robertson, Glenn Robinson, Steve Alford, Damon Bailey, Larry Bird. He’s going to be in that conversation.”

While Langford himself isn’t even sure where he’s heading at this point, Indiana and Purdue have both offered and would be on cloud nine if either land him.

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