Statistical Takeaways from Hoosiers’ Loss to Indiana State

The Indiana Hoosier fans came into Friday night’s game anticipating the start of the Archie Miller Era with a renewed sense of excitement and energy that could be felt even through your television and/or electronic device. Unfortunately, the Hoosiers were thoroughly dismantled by the Indiana State Sycamores 90-69 behind a balanced offensive barrage from multiple threats on the floor. The Trees of Terre Haute put their foot on the Hoosiers’ throat early and refused to let up.  Instead of answering the challenge in their own house, the Hoosiers pressed early and could never sustain a rhythm throughout.

I put together a statistical breakdown below of the winner from each category. The results are staggering in the Sycamores’ favor:

Top 3 Stat Takeaways

  • Multiple Shooting Categories I’ll Just Lump Together – Starting off with the shooting only feels right in tipping my figurative cap towards Indiana State’s direction. Field Goal (59%) 3-Point (65%), and Free Throw (83%) categories proved the Sycamores started off with a hot hand and never let up.  Even when the Hoosiers would show some resemblance of a breakthrough, Sycamore guards Jordan Barnes or Brenton Scott were there to keep the pedal to the metal and the Hoosiers in the rearview mirror.
  • Turnovers – Turnovers was a key to success that I mentioned in the preview. It was going to be important to limit our own turnovers and capitalize off Indiana State’s mistakes. Even though it was brutal for both teams (19 turnovers apiece), the boys in cream and crimson were unable to capitalize off the in-state foe while Indiana State racked up 34 points off IU’s mistakes.
  • Points in the Paint – Why would I put this in here? Probably to show how we became very one-dimensional.  The Hoosiers had 32 points in the paint versus ISU’s 16.  You could say we did our job offensively down low, but the 3-point shooting (22%) was not effective whatsoever.  It didn’t go without lack of trying. The Hoosiers attempted 18 of them.  The only issue was that they weren’t going through the net.  Only four of them landed safely.

Players of the Game

  • Brenton Scott and Jordan Barnes – I might as well lump these two together. A dominant, lights-out performance out of both.  Scott (24 pts) and Barnes (18) made up for 42 of Indiana State’s 90 points, including 11 3-point field goals combined.
  • Freddie McSwain Jr. – De’Ron Davis was pretty much the lone offensive statistical bright spot. Led the team in scoring (14) with a few rebounds thrown in.  But, he also led the team in fouls (4).  If you analyze the full spectrum of stats, I’m going with McSwain.  Freddie only had 5 points, but he led the team in rebounds (8) with 3 of them being offensive. He also contributed to the block category with one.  McSwain was the most active around the rim on both ends of the floor.

What the Hoosiers Need

Heart – In my opinion, this was the more telling “category” of the game.  Indiana State came into this one not intimidated by the Hall or our Hoosiers. They were backed into a corner early on with no clear-cut way out.  They didn’t underestimate the Sycamores, they just didn’t execute on either end of the floor AS A TEAM. Part of that execution means holding guys accountable for taking a bad shot or getting down on themselves. Archie Miller did his part.  The players didn’t do the same for one another.  The boys were dejected. The Crimson Guard tried to lend them support to jump back into it early, but when the results weren’t translating to the floor, the Hoosier faithful got restless. The only consistent heart I was able to see was from freshman Al Durham.  As a team, that must change.  The Hoosier fans are a passionate fanbase. The realistic expectation is for the team to display the same kind of heart in representing the program on the floor.  Losing isn’t enjoyable for anyone.  But, it’s how you lose that is more telling.

Floor Leadership – Colin Hartman tweaked his groin and is projected to miss 2 weeks of action. His lack of presence on the floor was obvious from the get-go.  Colin is a player that does so much more than what goes into a stat sheet.  But, he can only do so much sitting on the bench unable to play. Fully believe that him being on the floor could’ve been the real difference maker.

Next Up for the Indiana

  • Sunday, November 10th, 2017 (vs. Howard) – The Hoosiers welcome the Bison to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall for the Hoosier Tip-Off Classic. Howard comes into the contest 0-1 on the season after a defeat at the hands of George Washington 84-75 last night.
    Guards RJ Cole and Charles Williams led the Bison, combining for 44 points.

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Kevin Byrne

Very Nice Enjoyed the Stats & Ur Commentary TY! Go Hoosiers!