What will losing Wentz do to the Eagles?

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At 11-2 the Philadelphia Eagles are prepping for a playoff run. The Eagles have clinched the NFC East division and can obtain a first-round bye with a win on Sunday against the New York Giants. Given the team’s record and performance so far this season, it’s hard to see how the Eagles could face plant at this point in the season. And then Carson Wentz, Philadelphia’s second-year quarterback, tears his ACL.

This one play not only puts Wentz on the shelf for the remainder of the season but also puts the young quarterback in a small group of NFL quarterbacks to win 11 games but not start a game in the postseason. In fact, Wentz is only the third quarterback to do so, with the other two being Phil Simms in 1990 and Derek Carr in 2016. While having your name mentioned alongside those two quarterbacks would usually be an honor for Wentz, this case might be different.

But who are the Eagles looking to rely on with Wentz done for the season?

As of this moment, Philadelphia will be putting their faith into backup quarterback Nick Foles. In his sixth year in the NFL, Foles will look to pick up where Wentz left off and continue to put up tallies in the win column for the Eagles. While it may be hard for Eagles’ fans to see anyone but Wentz under center, Foles has the backing of Philadelphia head coach Doug Pederson.

Normally a significant drop-off in efficiency and production would be coming for the Eagles’ offense, but with Foles taking Wentz’s place, the drop-off seems minimal. According to ESPN, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook now has the Eagles behind the Minnesota Vikings as the favorites to win the NFC. Philadelphia was previously ranked as the favorites to win the NFC. ESPN went far enough to compare Philadelphia’s FPI win chances with Wentz under center vs Foles under center against their three remaining regular season opponents. The Eagles have the Giants in New York this Sunday followed by the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys, both at home. With Wentz playing, Philadelphia’s FPI win chances are 75%, 87% and 78% respectively against those three teams. Those chances change to 71%, 84% and 74% respectively with Foles playing under center. While a drop-off is still expected, the amount the offense is expected to drop off is very minimal. Eagles fans should have nothing to worry about.

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