The news on Willson Contreras is in and while it’s not extremely severe, the injury could be enough to hurt the Cubs’ playoff chances. Contreras, who left a game against the San Francisco Giants with an apparent leg injury, is being said to likely miss anywhere from three to six weeks with a hamstring injury.

Hamstring injuries are graded on a tier of three severities. A grade 1 injury is mild tearing of individual muscle fibers, and on average requires two to three weeks to recover. Grade 2 injuries become more severe, meaning there was moderate tearing with more muscle fibers involved. The recovery time for these injuries is typically three to six weeks. Then there are the worst, grade 3 injuries. These types of injuries offer little hope of a speedy recovery, normally requiring surgery and months of rehabilitation due to complete tearing/rupture of the muscle.

Ultimately, the Cubs will have to find a way to survive until their best player since the break returns. If they don’t, their season could be in jeopardy.

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